Rankin's Review

Freedom it is !

on Wed Mar 14, 2012.

Prairiemary Review

Searching for God in the Sixties Review

on Wed Mar 14, 2012.
The most lively and theological of correspondents in the earlier and more frisky online days of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment was “Doctor Dave,” an irreverent scholar teaching at George Mason University.

Crawford Rhaly's Review

on Wed Mar 14, 2012.
I was never tempted to put this book aside. In recent years I have not read much religion or theology, and I sometimes become impatient with Freudian psychology and its terminology, but David Williams managed to keep my attention. "Searching for God in the Sixties" is interesting, well organized, and well thought out.

MMSAI Review "An Incredible Read!"

An Incredible Read

on Wed Mar 14, 2012.
I feel like I could write a paper on this book - maybe when I have more free time, but...WOW. This book filled in more gaps for me than any other that I've read. The whole time I was reading it, I kept feeling that the ideas in the book were confirming things I'd thought through the years but couldn't express, except maybe through music. The overall theme - as uniquely and beautifully American as it is - put my own conversion in context like nothing I'd ever read. And Dr. Dave's choice of Dylan's and Dickinson's words in the last chapter is absolutely brilliant. How could one possibly express the feeling of the experience better? I've got my dad reading it right now - he's really digging it, too. When I was young I used to try to explain to him what happened to me - what the Glimpse was like, but words always fell short, being the cage bars that they are. Ironically, this book somehow transcends those limitations and actually explains the unexplainable, just like all good art does. The bottom line: the only bad part of this book is that it ends.