Sin Boldly

Dr Dave's Guide to Writing a College Paper

on Wed Mar 14, 2012.
Everything you were never told about the true ways teachers evaluate and grade papers. How to think and write like the A student you think you ought to be. More bite than White; more spunk than Strunk.

Revolutionary War Sermons

The Evangelical Origins of the Revolution

on Wed Mar 14, 2012.
Mostly a facsimile collection of Calvinist Revolutionary War sermons in their original typeface, this book, with its historical introduction reveals how the evangelical spirit was the moving force of the American Revolution. The story of how Christianity influenced the American Revolution without the fundamentalist dogma.

Searching for God in the Sixties

A spiritual history of the Sixties ---- THe light at the end of the long dark tunnel of consciousness was the gleam in Manson's eye.

on Wed Mar 14, 2012.
Twenty years in the making......

Wilderness Lost

The Religious Origins of the American Mind

on Wed Mar 14, 2012.
How the story of the Children of Israel and their flight from Egypt across the Wilderness to Zion became the central metaphor of the American experience. The escape from illusion to reality has from the very start -- long before "The Matrix" -- been what Freedom is all about. This book traces the transformation of the idea of "wilderness" from its theological beginnings in the Old Testament into the central texts of American literature.